Forwarders Support

As a Forwarder, are you already saving money on the use of SOC containers?

The use of cabotage containers can have several advantages for the user, such as:

  • Savings on pre / post transport, because we can offer / accept smaller locations more often than the shipping companies.
  • Can accept loads from locations where self / carrier do not have containers available.
  • Can accept cargoes with container types that do not have self / carrier in the fleet.
  • Reductions on sea freight by booking the containers as SOC instead of liner owned.
  • Savings on demurrage / detention costs.
  • Smaller own container fleet, and no MNR costs on cabotage containers.
  • Use of top quality containers (new construction).

CNTNR Partners release the containers with a pre-agreed number of free days with per diems after the free days expire, plus DPP and RV agreed upfront. After which the containers are available for collection (for new-build containers in China, we can even deliver the containers to your depot / terminal) and use with your cargo to the agreed destination. After the container is empty, the container is returned to a depot designated by us instead of the shipping company's depot.

Hopefully with the above we have been able to give you an intodution of one of the many options supplied by CNTNR Partners and arouse your interest in this service offered by cabotage containers.

If you have any questions, do not hesitate to contact us. If desired, we can sit down together to provide further explanation and further discuss options.