Help me choose

Help in choosing the right container

CNTNR Partners has years of experience in the rental of containers and we work daily with customers new to container rental. We will guide you through the entire process and answer your questions in clear language and agree a competitive price and delivery time, all in one phone call on +31 (0) 180 – 747 106.

Where should you start?

With our 5-step plan you can easily and quickly choose the right container.

  1. Choose your location
  2. Choose the desired container size
  3. Choose opening at the back or side
  4. Choose your accessories
  5. Contact us for a competitive price and delivery time

It couldn’t be easier!

1. Choose your location

Our containers are placed by certified subcontractors and drivers. Although our drivers are very experienced, they also cannot achieve the impossible. You must therefore make sure that the place where the container will be placed has a flat, hard surface and that there is enough space for the container AND the crane truck. Also make sure there are no low hanging cables or tree branches hanging over the site. The container and crane truck are quite heavy, to prevent damage you must ensure that no underground cables, pipes, etc. run under the container location.

2. Choose the desired container size

Our containers are available in a wide range of sizes (containers are indicated by their length in feet). From the large 40 footer to the small 6 footer. From 10 ft and longer, the containers have the same height (8 ft 6) and width (8 ft) regardless of length. If you do not know which container you need, choosing a specific size can be difficult. When making your choice, it is best to assume that the content of a 20 footer corresponds to the content of a normal garage box. If you need more space, you should order a larger size, if you need less space, choose a smaller one. Need more space in height? Then ask for our “High Cube Containers”, which are 9ft 6 high with the same other dimensions. Still not getting it right? Call us and we will help you make a choice.

3. Choose opening Back / side

Most containers have the opening at the back, but we can also supply containers with the opening on the side. We recommend that you use a container with doors on the back unless you really need a container with doors on the side. Containers with doors on the side are limited in supply. If you want to use the container as a mobile office or staff room, there is a wider range of possibilities within the Special Products.

4. Choose accessories (optional)

Containers are delivered empty as standard and have a simple wooden floor. This is ideal for storing easily stackable items or large non-stackable items. If you have other wishes to get the most out of your storage space, we can supply the following options; racks, stairs, ramps and lighting. All modifications and accessories can be included in the rental agreement. Please contact us for a complete overview of all options.

5. Contact CNTNR Partners for a competitive price and delivery time.

We import hundreds of containers every year. This allows us to always have the right type of container from stock. The containers are delivered from various depots throughout the country, which allows us to keep transport costs and delivery times to a minimum.

Do you have any questions about renting or buying a container for business or private use? Check out our frequently asked questions (FAQ), even better, call us on +31 (0) 180 – 747 106